Tyler Featherock

An obsessive-compulsive film student with asthma, acne & no luck but bad luck no longer!

After a crazy wacky meteor impacted with Tyler’s hands, he gained slightly super-human strength, speed, and mobility. He heals like a Motha’ and finds solutions to problems popping into his head with no real effort or inclination (sometimes to his annoyance, especially if he has a new Space-Box 180 game in his possession.)

Oh yeah, he also has these crazy hand things.

And “What, pray tell, is a crazy hand thing?” you might ask (and would be well within your right to do so). You want a laser gun? You got a laser gun! How about a shield! Or even a sword!(?) Perhaps a lock pick, or a toothbrush would help this situation? You got it. That’s a Crazy Hand Thing. And he’s got two of ’em.

Heck, sometimes he may even have to throw out a rope, or glide to the earth, or even shave at the last second before a space bachelor party, all of which he can do, and who knows what else (not even us), with the Crazy Hand Thing! ™.


Tommy Featherock

Tyler’s Little Brother… No Longer!

Upon Tyler’s return to earth 80 years in the future, it is discovered that his younger brother Tommy (along with several others) were also infected with the meteor tech, but to a lesser degree. Tommy has gained an extended life span, the length of which can only be guessed at (he appears to be in his mid-thirties, eighty years after we last saw him).

Tommy also possesses Tyler’s slightly-super-human strength, speed and mobility. He also heals like a Motha’ and finds solutions to problems popping into his head with no real effort or inclination. However, unlike Tyler, Tommy has put these ideas to good use. Over the last eighty years he has almost single-handedly created hundreds of new technologies that have advanced mankind to the stars. A colony has been established on the moon, and mars is in mid-terriforminization. However all this is rendered moot when Tyler locates the adrift alien ship that once belonged to Zoggtrax the Salvager.

Tommy is the first to insist that the alien craft be dissected and studied to advance our own knowledge.

Tyler thinks it’s time to see the galaxy.
Tyler has the Crazy Hand Things.
A fact of which Tommy is none to pleased.
They go and see the Galaxy.


Madelyn Dargo

The girl from the movies.

Madelyn’s second date with Tyler Featherock ended rather uncomfortably when twin meteors embedded themselves into our heroes hands. Little did Madelyn realize that she had also been infected with this alien goo. Having suddenly gained these new abilities, she set to work on her first passion: environmentalism. Over the next eighty years, she spear headed hundreds of projects to restore the Earth to its healthy earlier state. She failed.

Turns out it wasn’t just humans that were destroying the earth after all! Not to say we weren’t comparable to the pack of cigarettes that a man with a tumour smokes every day, but still… not ENTIRELY responsible!

Realizing that the true reason for global warming was, in fact, that the earth was falling into the sun, Madelyn set out to fast track the colonization of Mars.

She is there to this day.

Well, at least until the day Tyler Featherock showed up…


Toronto Jones (To-Jo)

A hap-hazard adventurer from Toronto, Ontario that stumbled upon the remnants of the Crazy Meteor in the parking lot of the movie theatre.

Discovered aboard the ship of Zoggtrax the Salvager by Tyler and Tommy Featherock, little is known of Toronto’s past. It seems that over the last eighty years he has been wandering the earth, picking up skills here and there, and eventually stumbled upon the ship when his transport was thrown off course while heading to a moon colony.